Sunday, April 6, 2008


This Saturday I ran my first "race" since the White Rock Half. It was more of a "fun run" than a race. The event was sponsored by the Denton County Health Department as a way to increase the activity of citizens in Denton County. Being the good citizen that I am, naturally I wanted to participate. I also wanted to see how much faster I could run since I've been pain free and have lost weight since my first 5K last summer. Unfortunately, I didn't get an accurate 5k time. According to my Garmin the course was only 2.86 miles rather than the 3.1 which equals 5K. We also didn't wear timing chips so I wouldn't really have an official time even if the course was long enough. On the bright side, the event was a success in that there were a whole bunch of overweight people out there jogging and walking the course. Then they proceeded to eat their body weight in bananas, oranges, and free smoothies after the race.

One important lesson I learned is that I shouldn't eat before a 5K. I didn't throw up my breakfast, but if I had run all-out I think I might have. Even though I held back a little, I still ran decent times over the first two miles. 7:17 and 7:15 respectively. That's pretty darn quick for me. Especially considering my first 5K time was 25:48. I really think with a little speed training and no breakfast I could get close to a 21:00 5K. That would be something.

Other than the 5K running is slow going. I'm in a bit of a rut. I think I overtrained there for a while and my body began breaking down. After taking a break b/c of my foot, it's been tough getting in a groove. I'm going to run 6 miles after posting this. Hopefully that will begin a more productive week.Also - my daughter turns 2 years old in 11 days. That's nuts.